Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Kappa, Nu Chapter of California
The PHI BETA KAPPA Society was founded in 1776, and is the nation's  oldest and most prestigious academic society for undergraduates who excel in the liberal arts and sciences. The Greek letters ΦΒΚ stand for Philosophia Biou Kubernêtês, Love of Wisdom, Helmsman of Life. Nu of California Chapter, chartered at San Diego State in 1974, is one of 280 chapters and the first of only three chapters in The California State University system
Only juniors and seniors who have completed or are completing two years in residence at SDSU and who have earned 45 semester units in residence are eligible for election by resident chapter members late in the spring semester. Students do not apply for membership; it is by invitation only, which is extended only once. To become a member, the student must undergo initiation in the semester of election. Invitations are mailed to the email and postal addresses listed on the student's official transcript. To be considered by the faculty committee, juniors must have a 3.75 GPA overall and in 75 semester units in the liberal arts and sciences at SDSU, and seniors must have a 3.6 GPA overall and in 90 semester units in the liberal arts and sciences.
Coursework must demonstrate breadth outside the major, including 1) one semester of advanced mathematics and 2) proficiency in a foreign language corresponding to a third-semester university course. Seniors must have completed the Upper Division Writing Requirement by either course or exam. In addition to its spring initiation, Nu Chapter sponsors the annual SDSU Phi Beta Kappa Faculty Lecture. The chapter awards as much as $6,000 in scholarships for graduate study. 
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