Golden Key

Golden Key was established as a national organization in 1977 and has recently begun to charter chapters internationally in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and South Africa. San Diego State‚Äôs chapter, chartered in 1984, is one of over 350 chapters. The purpose of the society is to recognize and encourage scholastic achievement and excellence in all undergraduate fields of study, to unite with collegiate faculties and administrators in developing and maintaining high educational standards, to provide scholarships to outstanding initiates, and to foster altruistic conduct through voluntary service. Among the activities of the SDSU chapter are the annual fall initiation, social events, monthly meetings, annual regional and national meetings, and community projects. Student officers and committee chairs plan the annual agenda.
Invitations to membership are extended in August-September to juniors and seniors in the upper 15 percent of their class (roughly a 3.5 GPA) whose last 24 units have been earned at SDSU.
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Dr. Norah Shultz